Tri-Tech Engineering


Forensics / Inspections

Investigative Engineers are practicing design professionals who apply their practical skills as well as their academic training to solve issues of failure for products and facilities. The Investigative Engineer’s required scope of services will vary widely, depending on the complexity of the loss and the actual claim value. The Investigative Engineer must render honest and impartial service to his client.

Our teams of investigators are committed to providing quick response for a variety of investigative services. We have Professional Engineers and Technicians who are experienced in the following claims services:

  • Structural Engineering Investigations
    • Structure Collapse / Damage
    • Roof Inspections for Wind and Hail Damage
    • Water Infiltration / Mold Evaluations
    • Foundation Failures
    • Construction Claims
    • Repair Recommendations
  • Mechanical Engineering Investigations
    • Product Liability / Failures
    • Mechanical Piping Systems
    • Heating and Air-Conditioning Failures
  • Electrical Engineering Investigations
    • Lightning Strikes
    • Electrical Systems Analysis