Tri-Tech was initially founded for the purpose of providing engineering services to the industrial automotive facilities prevalent in the Dayton area.  Since 1977, manufacturing companies have benefited from our specialties in plant engineering, layouts, rearrangements, and system / process changes.  Our clients include corporations like Appleton, Goodrich, Merck, BEHR, Delphi, and General Motors. We also provide engineering support to contractors for industrial design-build projects.

Over the years, we have provided designs for a variety of processes, including:

  • Industrial Ventilation (duct/fan sizing, high temperature systems, exhaust hood designs, high pressure push air, drop-out chambers, cyclones, dust/mist collectors, scrubbers, and bag houses)
  • High Viscosity Pumping (paint, magnesium hydroxide, etc.)
  • Hydrochloric and Sulfuric Acid pumping with double-wall piping
  • Special Fluid Handling Systems (pumping/piping, heating/cooling, and tank selection)
  • Paint booths, washers, and spray booths
  • Batch Mixing systems (semi-automatic, recipes, and manual)
  • Continuous flow processes (waste water treatment, process counter-flow rinse, etc.)
  • Specialty Level Controls (pneumatic bubblers, conductivity probes, radar, etc.)
  • Exterior Tank Farms, Piping, Trestles, Gas Monitoring, Capture/Flare, System Expansion/Contraction

Tri-Tech’s strong industrial process piping and controls experience has also applied well in recent years to related work for municipal water and wastewater pumping and treatment systems. Contact us today to find out more about how Tri-Tech can help you solve your facility needs!

  • MSCPA Tire Fractionation Tower
    Litchfield, MI

  • MSCPA Tire Fractionation Tower
    Litchfield, MI

  • Industrial Press Foundation Design
    Multiple locations – IN, OH

  • Dynamometer Foundation Design
    Troy, OH