Tri-Tech Engineering


History / Principals

Like many of Dayton’s businesses, Tri-Tech found its niche serving the automotive and heavy industrial markets in the area.  Since 1977, manufacturing companies have benefited from our specialties in plant engineering, layouts, rearrangements, and system / process changes.

In addition to the heavy industrial base where it continues to thrive, Tri-Tech also serves other markets such as commercial, healthcare, structural and retail.  Tri-Tech has been successful in diversifying their portfolio in large part due to the technical diversity of the staff and the many years of experience they have working around systems that are common to non-industrial facilities.


 Bob Thomson – Bob ThomsonBob has over 25 years of project engineering and management experience. He sits on the Board of Directors of Tri-Tech Engineering as a principal owner and serves as the President and Director of Engineering. He is responsible for the direction of all professional engineering efforts, training, and risk management. Bob is instrumental in leadership and mentoring, and contributes to the professional development within the engineering community through leadership and training in trade organizations. Project expertise includes forensic evaluations, HVAC, IAQ, pumping and piping systems, and industrial ventilation. Project work has been completed for commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional projects.

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Mark Stemmer – Mark StemmerMark is a practicing, registered structural engineer with over 25 years of experience, who sits on the Board of Directors of Tri-Tech Engineering as a principal owner and serves as the Principal-in-Charge for Structural Engineering.  Mark has achieved the level of Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Certified Plant Engineer (CPE), and Building Security Certified Professional (BSCP). He is a member of the board for the Building Security Council. Mark provides an expertise in structural engineering and safety, and is a national author, presenter and trainer. He is able to provide clients with innovative practices, techniques, and groundbreaking design-building methods.

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